3 divespots you must visit when diving on Curacao

3 Divespots you must visit when diving on Curacao

So you are on the island, have your PADI (if not check out some our courses here) and want to go diving with your buddy. But with al the spots that you can go to what is our top 3?

Dive Tip 1 – Diving at the Airplane Wreck on Curacao

There are several dive sites you can reach at Santa Martha from the shore and many sites nearby which can be reached by boat. Straight out from the breakwaters there is a marking buoy, which identifies the site of the remains of a small plane, hence the name Airplane Wreck. The remains are covered in growth and wil get you some great memories and photo’s.

There is an airplane wreck between Playa Kalki and Watamula. Normally not a shore dive because of the distance to the wreck in combination with the current. Maybe it can be done, but then you don’t have a lot of time at the wreck site. So a boat dive is advised.

Dive Tip 2 – Diving at the Tugboat on Curacao

In less than 30 feet of water not far off the coast of Curacao sits the Saba, a tugboat that sank quite some time ago. The wheel house is gone and the deck is deteriorating, but it provides reef structure and home for a wide variety of marine life. Blue Chromis, Rock Beauties and other fish have made the Saba their new home.

When you are done diving grab a drink with your diving buddy at The Tugboat beachbar.

Dive Tip 3 – Diving with Car Wrecks on Curacao

This is a nice, pretty, reef dive, easily accessible from shore. Car Wrecks is a fun, deep shore or boat dive site, full of dozens of car wrecks, and a great spot to take some unique souvenir photos. You’ll need directions or a Curacao Tourst Board Approved Dive Operator to reach it from shore.

When you finshed the dive make sure you grab a beer at the nearby Kokomo beachbar.

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