Discover the Ultimate Spa Experience in Curaçao

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Welcome to Curaç, your ultimate guide to the most luxurious and rejuvenating spa treatments on the island of Curaçao. If you’re looking to unwind and pamper yourself, our detailed guide will introduce you to a selection of exquisite treatments inspired by Japanese and Oriental rituals, energizing leg therapies, and customized scrubs and massages. These treatments are perfect for individuals or couples seeking to relax and rejuvenate in paradise.

Hanakasumi: A Japanese-Inspired Ritual

A Unique Protocol of Japanese Inspiration

Indulge in the Hanakasumi treatment, a unique and nourishing ritual inspired by Japanese traditions. This 1 hour and 20-minute session, priced at $155, begins with a peeling using exfoliating gloves, followed by a relaxing full-body massage. The treatment concludes with specific foot massage techniques that leave you feeling nourished and delicately perfumed. Experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation with this traditional Japanese-inspired ritual.

Sensations Orientales: Oriental Spa Treatment

Inspired by Ancestral Oriental Rites

Transport yourself to the ancient Orient with the Sensations Orientales spa treatment. This 1 hour and 20-minute session, also priced at $155, features aromatic notes of myrrh and amber. The treatment begins with an unctuous enzymatic gel to prepare your body for exfoliation. Next, an exclusive Sothys massage using a scrubbing terracotta stone, inspired by traditional Oriental techniques, leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. This treatment is the epitome of luxury and relaxation.

Energizing Legs Professional Treatment

Relief for Tired Legs

For those with active lifestyles, the Energizing Legs Professional Treatment offers the perfect solution for tired and overheated legs. This 45-minute session, priced at $73, combines three formulas with toning and stimulating properties. The dual-focus massage technique relieves leg discomfort while energizing foot massage techniques provide immediate comfort and a cooling effect. Whether you’re an athlete or simply on your feet all day, this treatment is a must-try.

100% Customized Relaxing Treatment

Tailored to Your Needs

Experience a personalized spa treatment with the 100% Customized Relaxing Treatment. This 1 hour and 15-minute session, priced at $145, begins with an invigorating sugar and salt scrub to smooth and soften your skin. Choose from a selection of botanical essences and massage oils, including Frangipani & Plum, Cinnamon & Ginger, Orange Blossom & Cedar Wood, or a seasonal treatment. This customized massage promotes overall wellness and leaves your skin nourished and hydrated.

100% Customized Sugar and Salt Scrub

Sweet-Salty Exfoliation for Velvety Skin

Treat your skin to the ultimate exfoliation with the 100% Customized Sugar and Salt Scrub. This 1-hour session, priced at $125, combines the toning properties of sea salts and sugars for a sweet-salty exfoliation that leaves your skin velvety smooth. Customize your experience with your choice of invigorating scents and enjoy the benefits of perfectly polished skin.

Peeling with 3 Salts

A Luxurious Blend of Himalayan, French, and Dead Sea Salts

Indulge in the Peeling with 3 Salts treatment for a truly luxurious experience. This 1-hour session, priced at $105, combines salts from the Himalayas, France, and the Dead Sea with relaxing and tonifying essential oils. The result is soft, silky skin that feels deeply nourished and revitalized.

Couples Body Treatments

Share the Experience

For couples looking to share a spa experience, the Couples Body Treatments offer the perfect opportunity to relax and rejuvenate together. With sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour, you can customize your experience to fit your needs. Check the booking form for options and prices.

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Discover the Ultimate Spa Experience in Curaçao
Discover the Ultimate Spa Experience in Curaçao

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