In this place there is a small sandy beach and a pier, which shields the waves. The bay is mainly used by the local population. It is a very good place for both a day and a night dive. You can easily get in and out of the water. Swimming outwards you reach the blue border in a relatively short time. We usually swim at the surface up to the blue edge, but if there are high waves, you can also go under water earlier. Up to the blue edge it is mainly sand. It gradually descends there to about 10 meters. Then the slope increases to about 45 degrees. The slope is densely covered with coral and sponges. Depending on the current you go left or right. My preference is left (East), but the coral is also beautiful on the right. The main reason why I prefer to go left is because you can see more on the way back. On the right-hand side there is a plateau with mainly sand from about 13 meters. This means that if you have made a fairly deep dive on the way there, you have to stay quite a bit above the coral on the way back or that you have to stay above the less attractive sandy plateau. This place is well known for the Coral Spawning in September and October. During that time, many divers come here to watch the spawning.
The location of Slangenbaai

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