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Ocean Encounters Diving

Ocean Encounters Diving

Ocean Encounters is a 5 star Dive Center with great boat diving!
We operate on multiple locations, you can easily discover the wonderful diverse underwater world of the island. The professional, friendly team is ready to help you aboard on one of the many well-maintained boats for snorkeling and diving trips. But you can also just soak up the sun while you make a nice trip. We have plenty of diving and snorkeling supplies of high quality, which you can buy as well as rent in one of the shops. No matter what activity you choose, Ocean Encounters provides the appropriate equipment and professional expertise that will ensure you for having a great time!

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Reach out via phone, email, or the contact form on the right. Quick and efficient responses to all inquiries.

Bapor Kibra z/n, Curaçao

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Scott GardnerScott Gardner
01:14 12 Jun 24
Had an awesome time diving with this experienced team of instructors. Amazing reefs and gorgeous sights!
Aaron WyvilleAaron Wyville
23:36 08 Jun 24
We had a great time here at Ocean Encounters. All the staff - from front desk to guides on the boat were helpful, friendly, encouraging, and awesome to be around. Shout out to Jeff for being knowledgeable and down to earth; great guide. We would definitely do again so long as my stomach cooperates!
Jessica BrandJessica Brand
20:23 07 Jun 24
Best experience! Love this dive shop. All the employees are knowledgeable, kind, friendly, and very professional. Their gear is high quality. My husband and I enjoyed all our dives with this team and left feeling like part of the family. Strongly recommend!
Antoin Van zettenAntoin Van zetten
17:29 25 May 24
Very nice and friendly dive center! Everyone is enjoying what they do with great enthusiasm and a smile on their faces! Really taking the time to educate you about the reef and its inhabitants. You can do shore dives on the beautiful house reef that is very good accessible and very easy to navigate. They also offer a variety of boat dives on stunning reefs (2 every morning) and they have a dolphin, a night dive and a hunting dive (lionfish) as special dives! Oh and did i tell you that there is a 20-40 metere (100ft +) underwater sight!!!Special thanks to everyone and i will definitely be coming back!
09:01 09 May 24
Great dive-shop albeit probably one of the most busy ones on Curaçao. Solid equipment, nice team and located just perfectly for boat diving east of Mambo.
Tiffany SethTiffany Seth
20:03 23 Apr 24
What a great day we had diving with Ocean Encounters! Our party of five (including three divers and two snorkelers) visited Curacao during a Carnival cruise on April 9, 2024. Arranging transportation was super easy, and we were never concerned that we wouldn't make it back to the port.Once we arrived, we rented our gear (owner, Jeremiah, was fantastic) and set out for a nice, easy self-guided shore dive on their house reef. Before the dive, I unknowingly let my regulator drag across the sand, which caused it fill with water while trying to breath beneath the surface. YIKES! After I returned to shore, a member of their knowledgeable and friendly staff quickly recognized the problem (a tiny pebble was stuck in my reg!), disassembled it and reassembled it for me right there in the water. Problem solved!After the shore dive, we had a not-so-good snack at the adjacent Lionsdive Resort bar/restaurant (bitter balls are NASTY) before heading out for a single-tank boat dive. We were impressed with Ocean Encounters and highly recommend diving with them if you're going to be in Curacao!
Kyle MeaneyKyle Meaney
22:23 03 Apr 24
Gosh, big fins to fill for my first diving experience since becoming certified and wow. My wife and I went on a snorkel tour to the tug boat and then I went diving at directors bay. The unbelievable ocean biodiversity speaks for itself but I want to shout out to the staff that made the experience that much better. From the dive masters, captains, ocean photographers to the front desk clerks, their whole team are rockstars and make it hard for me to want to go anywhere else.
Jim OatmanJim Oatman
11:39 18 Mar 24
We spent an amazing day on a private snorkeling boat tour with 7 and 9 year old, parents and grandparents. Our guides were extremely helpful with the kids entertaining them and helping to tow them back to ship when they tired of swimming.We went to a sunken tugboat and a site with underwater fenceboats. Both sites were alive with marine life a delightful snorkeling spots
Geo DelveroudisGeo Delveroudis
17:40 10 Mar 24
An excellent choice for your scuba diving in Curacao. Excellent in the booking/ serving procedures for our group, excellent in safety, excellent in gear quality, excellent in boats. Very well done guys. Keep it up
MJM MachiningMJM Machining
21:22 09 Feb 24
This outfit is truly amazing. I've been to several dive destinations and enjoyed the diving at all of them. What stands out about this place is the people. All the dive places I have gone to have had helpful and knowledgeable staff but these guys are at a higher level in my opinion. They are super fun to talk to and just hang out with in general (including the owner!) which makes the dive experience top notch. This was my brothers first dive experience and where he got his open water cert. They made it perfect. Thank you Layla, Will, Leroy and Alex! Can't wait until our next visit to Curacao to use these guys again.
Lieneke HappelLieneke Happel
18:09 28 Oct 23
Professional, relaxed, smooth operation. Clear communication when booking, even more so when diving - perfect! All their equipement looked well maintained, the boats were comfortable and the team super nice and approachable. Photographer went along one day and made beautiful photos which I purchased. Probably not the cheapest outfit but highly highly recommend

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