Cruiseship to Curacao

It is always magical to see when one of the many cruise ships dock in the Anna Bay: the largest natural harbor in the western hemisphere.

These cruises arrive on Curacao every day and together they carry around 400,000 tourists from all over the world.

Tourists who take a Cruise to Curacao are often en route on a Caribbean tour and stay on the island for just one day. It is always noticeable if there is a cruise ship in the harbor, since the city center is much busier and the beaches are filled with mostly American tourists.

There are people who think that a Cruise is not for them because of the general picture of the 65+ tourist who often populates the boats. However, in 2016 is a cruise for every age.
For example, on almost every self-respecting cruise ship you can find a large slide, climbing wall or a surf simulator. Clearly not for 65+.

In addition, there are often wedding, student and other group trips with Cruises. Consider how relaxed and fun a Cruise can be: in addition to relaxing at the swimming pool or in the spa, there are shows, courses and other entertainment. Before you know it you are at a tropical destination and you can go ashore for a day. You then continue in the evening and visit more holiday destinations along the way.

Once you have arrived on Curacao, a day is of course not enough to discover the entire island.
Fortunately, the cruise ship mooring place is right in the center, which means that shops and restaurants are within walking distance.
Furthermore, it is easy to catch a shuttle bus to the popular beaches or, for example, to shop in Curacaos first real shopping mall Sambil.
You can choose to take a Cruise from the Netherlands or first to fly to Curacao and board the island. There are already around 40 different Caribbean Cruises.

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