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With KLM or TUI to Curacao

When you decide to explore the tropical pleasures of Curacao, you must also book.
But which society do you take? Flying from Schiphol means with TUI (formerly ARKE) or KLM.

The differences between KLM and TUI

In any case, there is almost always a price difference on the same type of flight between the two airlines. This is because KLM has included most service issues and at TUI the starting price (Economy Class) only includes taxes, fees, meals and one piece of hand luggage. For almost all other items you have to pay extra

TUI usually flies to Curacao twice a day. You land here between 4 pm and 9 pm local time.

The outward journey is almost always a direct flight from Schilphol to Hato. The return trip will sometimes be about Aruba. This can only be seen clearly after booking, but usually does not save more than three quarters. You also pay at TUI for the following:

Entertainment set: € 7.50 (one way)
Checked baggage up to 20 kg € 8.00 (one way)
Seat reservation € 5.00 (one way)
Soda, wine, beer and snacks
In the summer of 2014, TUI deployed the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the first time on Curacao. As a result, you travel as standard with more comfort and the airline has started to compete more with KLM.

KLM usually also flies twice a day and then in the morning, which means that you will arrive in Curacao early in the afternoon. Here too the outward flight is always direct. For the return flight you can clearly state whether it must be direct or can also go over one of the former Dutch islands. So make sure you indicate this when booking. KLM has also covered all costs in the ticket price.

The most noticeable differences between TUI and KLM are the checked baggage and services. With which KLM has this included and must be paid at TUI, whether or not on the plane.

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