New Year’s dive Curacao

If you are on Curacao on January 1st the Nieuwjaarsduik (Newyears Dive) is a must-do activity for everyone! This yearly recurring event is organized every January 1st on Jan Thiel Beach and it is a copy of the original tradition in Scheveningen in Holland.

A Tropical Tradition

It is a tradition all Dutch are formiliar with because of the huge amount of people participating – and accompanying media covering the event – every year in the North Sea in Holland. Of course on Curacao the tropical climat experience is much more comfortable, compared to the freezing winter weather the people in Holland experience!

Read all details about The Unox Nieuwjaarsduik 2017 event and start the new year splashing!

View our images and video made on January 1st 2016 below to get a good impression of this great way to celebrate the start of the new year together!

nieuwjaarsduik curacao

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