Costs for creating Deals

The costs for creating Deals

Adding deals for your company is completely free of charge. If you do not sell any, it won’t cost you anything! Only when you sell your deals CuracaoTodo will deduct 20% off the price you decided on. This 20% 'commitment-fee' is payed online in order to make sure the tourist will show up at your company. The other 80% is payed directly to you by the tourist when arriving to claim the deal. 

All your additional services - like for example drinks, rental gear and transporation - is solely payed to you. CuracaoTodo only charges a fee for the services bought online. 

 Remember that you can always choose yourself exactly how many deals you want to sell for which specified moment of the week. This ensures you won’t loose turn-over by selling too many discounts, or for moments you do not need additional business.

CuracaoTodo will re-invest

The fee received from you will be reinvested in several (online and offline) marketing channels to make sure as many tourists as possible will learn to know about your special discount. And in addition about your company and other services.




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