Fixed Price Deal Explained

The Fixed Price Deal explained

To sell more ‘seats’ you offer one of your activities (normally priced f.e. ANG 55,-) for a discount price you choose yourself, for example ANG 40,-.

Tourists will purchase a discount ticket online and will pay 20% ‘commitment-fee’ online. This will make sure they will actually show up at the chosen moment. They will receive a coupon from us immediately after purchasing. This coupon states what it is for, when exactly it is valid, your contact details and what the possible additional terms and conditions for this deal are.

When the tourist arrives at your location to claim your offered service the other 80% of your chosen ‘Discount Price’ will be payed directly to you. Therefor you will always receive at least 80% on the value of the deal sold. 

All your additional services - for example drinks, rental gear or transporation - are solely payed to you. CuracaoTodo only charges a fee for the activities or services which are bought online. 

Calculation example:

Your original pricing was ANG 55,- for your activity. You now offer the same activity (maybe even only at specific moments) on CuracaoTodo for ANG 40,-. CuracaoTodo receives a ‘commitment-fee’ of ANG 8,- by online payment. The other ANG 32,- are payed directly to you upon receiving the offered Deal.

 Important to remember: normally you would not have sold your ‘seat’ and would not receive this turnover. Therefor technically this is an extra ANG 72,- turnover and not an ANG 28,- discount.

Other Deal Types

Besided these Fixed-Price Deals you are also able to offer Discount Deals or Add-on Deals using CuracaoTodo. Check out all our options.

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