Special Holidays on Curacao

Special Holidays on Curacao

We have plenty of parties on Curacao … But what are the official holidays now?
It all starts on January 1 of course. And where should you be then? CuracaoTodo shows you the way!

A Dutch tradition that has moved across the oceans to Curacao is the New Year’s Dive. Did you always find it too cold in the Netherlands to participate in the tradition? Then this is your chance to be able to say in the future that you really did! The New Year’s Dive takes place at Zanzibar, Jan Thiel Beach. About 2500 people jump into the water at 12:00 with a Unox cap on their heads. Don’t you want to miss that? Please note that you must register before 11:00, even if your hangover is as big as the Christoffel Berg.

It doesn’t stop … Two days after New Year you have to brace yourself for a party that is even bigger, namely … Fuikdag! The entire island is already preparing for it all year on the first Sunday of January and if you are on Curacao you should definitely not miss this. The party takes place in Fuikbaai so arrange a boat! Fuikbaai can only be reached via the sea. So if you are not a very good swimmer you will really have to pay a few pennies for a boat trip to the party. From early in the morning until late in the evening, the entire bay is full of boats and partygoers who go wild on delicious beats and the sound of their glasses of alcohol.

After Fuikdag we have a break … Give your wallet a moment to recover after the holidays! Before you know it you open it too often during Carnival! The Carnival on Curacao is celebrated in style, but the ‘Gran Marcha’ certainly plays the leading role. The population has been working on costumes and cars for months and it shows. You will find the procession near Willemstad where people will dance and sing for hours to celebrate the Carnival. The most important days of the carnival are from 7 to 9 February.

Keep yourself in check during carnival because your sweetheart will certainly not like it when you arrive with a hangover on the day of love. This year you celebrate Valentine’s Day on the nicest island of the Caribbean. With the background noise of the constant waves you look your dushi in love in the eyes on the most beautiful beaches of Curacao. Whether you go to ‘Porto Mari’ or ‘Grote Knip’, he or she will never forget the romantic moment on Dushi Korsou.

In 2016, Good Friday falls on March 25. On Good Friday, it is a tradition for believers to attend a church service at 3 p.m. Hereby they commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus. This day is called “good Friday” because they see the death of Jesus as a sacrifice and a remission of sins.

It is time for a family day on the always sunny Curacao. The population is gathering to come together for Easter, this holiday falls in 2016 on 27 and 28 March. On Easter Sunday the kids are the most enthusiastic because they can let go of their kite during the kite competition in Punda.

Willemstad turns orange on April 27! And we are mainly talking about the city center, Punda. King’s Day is also celebrated in Curacao (which party isn’t it ?!). Every year, the whole of Willemstad celebrates. Everywhere there are stalls with live performances, music, activities and stalls from the Koningsmarkt, while the population and tourists enjoy a Polar under the sun.

On May 1, the Labor Day will take place on Curacao. On this day the battle for better working conditions is celebrated. On Curacao this day is celebrated with a parade.

The schools of Curacao also close their doors on Ascension Day. Christians then commemorate that Jesus ascended to God. Ascension Day always falls on a Thursday, the 40th day of Easter and ten days before Pentecost. At Pentecost, the 50th day of Easter, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is commemorated. The beginning of the Christian Church is also associated with Pentecost.

Of course, Curacao also has its own typical holidays such as ‘the day of the flag’. Or well … Actually we have to say ‘Dia di Bandera’, to stay in style. The Island Council met for the first time on 2 July in 1951. Now the greatness of Curacao is celebrated every year on July 2, so there are flags of Curacao all over the island. Ceremonial activities take place in Otrobanda and Barbera and there are also various activities in the Willemstad area.

After enduring the summer, it’s time to celebrate the Independence of Curacao. Since October 10, 2010, Curacao has become an independent country. The whole of October is under the spell of the Curacao culture and this of course is well celebrated with various parties. The independence of Curacao does not mean that Dutch tourism has declined. The Dutchman generally still feels a connection with ‘Dushi Korsou’, which means that tourism is still rising every year.

The end of the year is coming, so it’s time for a white Christmas! It is a difference whether you stand with your feet in the snow or in the sand. Every year the island is full of tourists who want to experience a warm Christmas celebration. The entire island is full of Christmas decorations and even Christmas trees are available on Curacao. Whether you go from one happy hour to another or toast a loving Christmas with friends or family, the tourist will never forget this experience.

With all those parties, the year passes quickly! This is how we arrive at the last day of the year. New Year’s Eve is celebrated in Curacao. New Year’s Eve does not end at midnight, no … The year already ends at noon! In the neighborhood of Willemstad in Punda you can easily find the atmosphere on the street. All day long, people eat, drink and party everywhere. The atmosphere is great and the bangs come to mind. Curacao is crazy about fireworks! 100,000 stunners are not rare and you will be treated to beautiful fireworks shows.

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