11111111 Why Add a Deal on CuracaoTodo?

Why Add a Deal on CuracaoTodo?

The solution for maximizing your profits is here! 

Almost all companies – unfortunately – find themselves never selling their maximum capacity. Restaurants, dive schools, spa’s and tours are usually not 100% booked. The result is less turnover (and therefore profit) than would be possible based on selling the full amount of available ‘seats’.

The fixed costs for your company will always be same, because for example your staff and rent still have to be payed, regardless the amount of bookings you received.
Usually the most profit is even made from the last ‘seats’ you sell.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could optimize your profits by knowing you will sell the maximum capacity your company can handle?! Without giving away margins you do not have to?! Exactly this is now possible by using the ‘Deals section’ on CuracaoTodo.com!

For example, offering a free drink (by adding an Add-on Deals) will make customers decide to choose your services over your competitors. Your variable costs might be a little bit higher, but for sure the (margin on the) extra turnover will compensate this easily!

Dont give away anything you do not need to
CuracaoTodo.com offers you the possibility to give tourists a deal for just some of your seats you expect not to sell by your normal marketing activities. You can select any day, time or amount of deals offered to manage yourself when and how many of your deals are applicable. So you will be sure not to offer any discounts or add-ons if not necessary!

And if the deals are not sold, there is no loss, because offering deals on CuracaoTodo.com is free of charge! You will only pay a 20% fee when a deal is really sold. In this case ‘no-cure-no-pay’ is really true!

The 3 types of Deals you can choose from:

  • Add-on Deals (offer a free gift upon buying something to get more business)
  • Discount Deals: (offer your standard service with a percentage discount)
  • Fixed-Price Deals: (offer discounts by applying a temporary new price)

Also interesting: what does it cost to create a deal?

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