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A Complete overview! Finally…

Technically you could say that our mission statement is to offer the first complete and searchable listing, overview and best information about all ActivitiesDeals and Companies on the island Curacao.

We offer everything you need in order to find the best activities and locations that will upgrade your stay from great to perfect! Whether you are looking for ‘the best’, ‘the best value’, ‘the closest’ or a specific additional service. Like restaurants offering free Wifi, a dive school which can come pick you up, or the companies who are experienced in hosting and facilitating weddings.

You will be comparing clear descriptions, reviews by users, pictures, videos and all facilities companies offer. That is how you will find the best activities for you, your friends, family and children!

We also want you to save money! This we achieve by offering deals for all kinds of activities. Receive discounts or get something extra by making a reservation online!

You don’t feel like searching yourself? Subscribe to our Daily Activity Newsletter and you will receive todays best activities, deals and happy hours every morning in your mailbox. You can even select your personal interests and the dates you are on the island in your personal profile. This ensures you will only receive the information you really want to, and only when you want it.

Who started CuracaoTodo and why?

CuracaoTodo.com was founded by Wouter Schoemaker. Wouter: “I am a dutch marketeer and have been visiting Curacao for many years before moving to the island permanently. Every holiday again I was surprised about the lack of transparency regarding the best things to do on the island. Especially because there are so many which almost noboy knows about. I felt I wanted to create business for local companies and at the same time show tourists there is so much more to Curacao than only the beaches and nightlife.

I have a professional background as an intermediair in employment, marketing and IT. I decided to use my experience winning two-sided smiles by connecting tourists and local customers to the best activities and companies. Focusing and living on Curacao I strive to be the Online Tourguide for the island!”

And Wouter is not alone… Working together with many people whom have been living on Curacao for many years, together making sure anything you might want to do, you will find on this one website!

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How can you help us?

We love to hear your experiences with our website. If you feel we are missing any useful information or if you want to suggest a future feature for this website, please feel free to contact Wouter directly on wouter@curacaotodo.com

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