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Cheap airline tickets to curacao

Cheap airline tickets to Curacao

Of course you want to book your ticket to Curacao as cheaply as possible. Fortunately, a plane ticket is nowadays much cheaper than about 10 years ago. The prices even fluctuate to such an extent that you can already stay on Curacao for € 650 incl. Accommodation.

It clearly makes a difference in the period in which you book the trip. Tickets are often much more expensive around Carnival, school holidays and Christmas. However, the prices can vary considerably if you leave a day or 3 days earlier / later. So keep this in mind if you are not bound by an exact travel period.
However, if you spot a cheap ticket, don’t wait too long to book. The demand for tickets Curacao is constantly increasing, so that the cheap trips are also sold out quickly. Making the booking a day later can already make a difference of a few hundred euros.

At Schiphol you have the choice between flying with TUI or KLM. But nowadays you can not only fly cheaply to Curacao from Amsterdam, but also with Airberlin from Dusseldorf. This can be very useful for people who live in the south and east of the country or near the border.
This airline can be compared to TUI in terms of price and service; you have to pay for many items on top of your ticket, but the amounts are often lower.

An additional advantage of flying from Dusseldorf is that the airport is considerably smaller than that of Amsterdam. This makes checking in, passport control and baggage all a lot faster.

You can book these cheap flights to Curacao on convenient discount sites such as,,,,,,

Be aware that both Hato, Schiphol and Dusseldorf occasionally perform 100% checks on flights to and from Curacao. This is due to the popular drug smuggling routes from the island. Keep in mind that you will be at the gate on time and that there may be a delay on arrival.

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