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Curacao apartments

Curacao apartments

The delicious tropical climate and unstressed island lifestyle make Curacao a great place to stay. Whether this is for vacation, training, work or permanent residency. Of course, there are several types of rented apartments in Curacao differing in location, price and luxury. The best choice depends entirely on what you’re looking for.

Visiting the island for a week or more to enjoy a nice holiday? Than budget is the keyword. Fortunately, there are many home owners whom offer their apartments in a package together with a plane ticket. These are often very interesting deals that are on sale throughout the year.


You prefer to stay near the popular beaches and near the entertainment? Than focus on the apartments in the east of the island. Prefer to have a peaceful holiday and only occasionally mingle with the crowds? In that case apartments on the west side of the island probably will suit you better.

Of course there are many different apartments for rent on Curacao and it is possible to rent something for all budgets. Prices start from only 22 euro per night.


If you are coming to do an internship on Curacao and you want to rent an apartment, it is convenient to contact a company that can look at your needs and give you the best options. A company like Wereldstage can probably help you out. For this service you do pay mediation costs, but eventually it might be cheaper anyway. This is because you do not unexpectedly have to change location because it does not meet the expectations that are on the website.

Are you coming to Curacao for a longer period of time it could be wise to contact a intermediair like ABC Appartementen. Of course you can also simply rent an apartment for a shorter time period (f.e. via Airbnb) and than look around yourself for more permanent housing after.
The latter could be a challenge, but you can also save money if you do not already have to sign a contract for one year from your own country.

For whatever reason you are looking for an apartment; on Curacao you will find the right accommodation for a relaxed living!

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