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Curacao Weather

Curacao Weather

Climate and Weather on Curacao

On Curacao you will encounter great weather all year round. Located in the tropics Curacao has a warm, sunny climate all year round.


The average temperature is about 27° C (mid 80s F) and the trade winds will keep you cool most parts of the year. Between October and February, the rainy season, an occasional shower will divide the sunny periods of the days. Although, usually

these short showers will happen during the nights. Annually the island experiences only about 550mm of rainfall which makes Curacao generally a dry – and sunny – island.

Hurricanes on Curacao

Being outside the hurricane belt Curacao is fortunate to not regularly face the tropical storms or hurricanes other Caribbean islands – further north – are used to. Although tropical storms elsewhere can cause uncharacteristically cloudy weather for a few days.

It is difficult to forecast Curacao’s weather more than a week in advance, but these climate tables are usually good indicators of what you can expect when visiting the island for your holidays.

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