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Driving on Curacao

Car rental on Curacao

Almost all tourists rely on a rental car for going around the island. Distances are too big to walk and public transportation is not as reliable or comfortable as you are probably used to. There are many car rental agencies which offer different types of cars to explore the island. Usually for a decent price.

Car Parking on Curacao

Since you can park your car virtually anywhere without costs, a car is the ideal vehicle to visit Willemstad, the most beautiful beaches, or one of the islands landmarks.

It is also possible to rent a motorcycle or scooter, but be aware this is usually the less safe option. Apart from the somewhat erratic driving behavior of other drivers the roads are sometimes covered with potholes and dirt. Especially when it has just rained the islands roads tend to become very slippery, due to a film of oil on the tarmac. When this happens you are definitely better off on four wheels. 


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