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Flying to Curacao

Flying to Curacao

Traveling to Curacao by Airplane

Curacao is a very popular holiday destination for many Dutch, German and other European citizens. Also people from the United States and Canada are getting to know the island better and better each year. In 2014 more than 450.000 tourists (31% originating from Holland) found their way to Curacao. This amount was again an increase of 6%, just that year.

To facilitate all these tourists travelling to Curacao, different airlines operate intercontinental flights to Curacao’s Hato Airport daily. Every day flights depart to and arrive from Amsterdam, Miami and Bogota. Besides the normal airlines like KLM and American Airlines, several travel agencies like Tui (before Arke) charter airplanes to take their customers to Curacao frequently.

Over the past couple of years, Curacao has been making a profound effort to market itself as a ‘must-see’ destination in the international tourism industry. As a result of these efforts, price fighter JetBlue for example will add a weekly flight from JFK to Curacao, good for at least 150 additional tourists per week.

For travelling to other islands or countries nearby you can rely on InselAir to take you back and forth comfortably. For example Cuba – since july 2015 – is the latest additional directly connected destination.

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