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Food on Curacao

On Curacao, one can definitely find the food of their liking. The fast-food chains like Subway and McDonald’s are well represented and there’s a variety of supermarkets that offer both American and European products.

Local food is refered to as Krioyo, prenounced as ‘Criollo’. The local cuisine is best explained as mix of Caribbean and Latin American foods. Expect for example Cactus Soup (Kadushi), Stews with vegetables, beef and herbs (Stobá) or many different sea foods when looking for the islands local cuisine. The not so fainted hearted can also try a true Antillean delicacy, called ‘sopi di yuwana’ or Iguana soup. To taste the local dishes you can visit one of the historical ‘landhuizen’, which are a must-see when on Curacao anyway.

When driving on the main roads, you will most definitely encounter multiple ‘snèks’, places where you can buy a cold beverage, sigarettes or a local snack. What is recommended to try is a ‘pastechi’ or ‘empana’. Both can be filled with stew like mixtures made of fish or meat but it is also possible to get them filled with cheese.

You will also find many Chinese restaurants that will serve you mainly Indonesian dishes such as nasi goreng, sate or lumpias.

Good to know is that you are unlikely to suffer ailments, due to the high standard overall hygiene and cleanness. So enjoy all great foods and drinks freely!

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