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Do an internship on Curacao

Doing an internship in Curaçao is fun, you usually come back brown and it looks good on your resume. Not only can you gain experience in business abroad, but you also learn to deal with different cultures and experience the Caribbean way of life. Some do not want to leave even after their internship or come back to the island very quickly.

Especially for Trainees

Curacao is therefore a very popular internship island and there are many companies that focus on the internship market, such as car rental companies, room rental companies, catering and entertainment.

You can think of special internship cars (older cars that are decorated with paint) for lower monthly prices; student houses at various locations with different room sizes and prices; daily snacks at restaurants for less than fifteen guilders and special happy hours and of course large-scale organized events.

Find an internship

Finding the right internship in Curaçao yourself is often more difficult than expected. This is mostly due to the bureaucratic cultural difference in “timely answers” and “arranging paperwork”. Fortunately, there are several options for arranging your internship.

The various agencies on the island usually have a personal approach and see trainees in the situation they often find themselves in: no idea what they are starting. They guide from the first interview with a potential internship company to arranging the permit and from accommodation to the airline tickets.

To do an internship on Curacao you must apply for an Internship Permit that actually amounts to a Declaration of Law. You do not have to deregister from the Netherlands for this, but you must request a number of forms and documents before coming to the island. There are also costs involved. The installation costs for an Internship permit, which you pay to the government on Curacao, are ANG 525.-

In addition to the legal costs, you also pay for the application for a Declaration of Good Behavior and the extract from your birth register.

So take a good look at these costs before you start looking for an internship on Curacao.

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