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Jan Thiel Beach and the Caracasbaai area

Jan Thiel Beach and Caracasbaai area are located on the South-East end of Curacao. Well not the complete end because the area most east is private property and therefore not open to the public.

Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Thiel Beach is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit when on holiday on Curacao. This area is home to several resorts, bars, restaurants, shops and a casino. Jan Thiel Beach is home to resorts like Papagayo, Livingstone Jan thiel, Morena Resort and Chogogo.

There also is – typical Dutch – supermarket, a Fitness and Gym, Carrental Agency and a small shopping area.

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Caracasbaai area

Caracasbaai (or Caracasbay) is a thin strip of land located between the spanish water and the Caribbean Sea. You can reach this strip by driving down the Carasbaaiweg all the way to the roundabout and than turning left.

Although it is less developed than Jan Thiel there are many businesses here and it gives you the more unspoiled feeling. On the right side of the Carasbaai strip locals usually enjoy their sunny afternoon.

Besides some restaurants – like Pirates Nest and The Pier – this is also the area where ships depart for trips to Klein Curacao and Spanish Water Tours. Mermaid Boattrips is one of the most noticable boating companies having a dock here. But also Calypso Trips and Tours departs here for their Spanish Water or Snorkel Tour.

Areas on Curacao

On our CuracaoTodo website we have devided Curacao in several areas which are most known to tourists. You can find the areas on Curacao here. Caracasbaai is a part of the blue Spaanse Water (dutch for Spanish Water) area.

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