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You'll get there fast and then you'll take it slow, way down to Kokomo!


Kokomo beach is located at Vaersenbaai. A beautifull natural bay on the road to Bullenbaai. Kokomo has a surfers look with a classy touch. Kokomo opened in june 2011 and soon became famous for their big beach parties, like Woodstock, The monthly Full moon parties, Summerlove, Doomsday and Amnesia beach festival. Kokomo is the ideal beach to enjoy a quiet day with the whole family, have a great lunch, try one of our delicious cocktails or just fall in love with the cristal clear water!! We have lounges to relax, read a book, or just hang out with an icecold beer!! Kokomo has no entrance-fee and we probably have the best beachchairs on the island. On sunday we have our famous happy hour with every week the best live music combined with the golden oldies of dj Jazzhole. Happy hour from 17:00-18:00.. Kokomo has a 24/7 secured parking and is very child friendly.

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