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Jan 07
3 divespots you must visit when diving on Curacao

3 Divespots you must visit when diving on Curacao So you are on the island, have your PADI (if not check out some our courses here) and want to go diving with your buddy. But with al the spots that you can go to what is our top 3? Dive Tip 1 – Diving at the Airplane Wreck […]

Jan 07
Car Rental Agencies on Curacao

Car Rental Agencies on Curacao Curacao has many Carrental Agencies due to the huge amount of tourists visiting Curacao each week. Also you will need a rentalcar to see anything more than your resort, because public transportation and taxis are not recommendable. You can pick from smaller, bigger, really old cars for interns or brand new rental […]

Jan 07
Jan Thiel Beach and the Caracasbaai area

Jan Thiel Beach and the Caracasbaai area Jan Thiel Beach and Caracasbaai area are located on the South-East end of Curacao. Well not the complete end because the area most east is private property and therefore not open to the public. Jan Thiel Beach Jan Thiel Beach is one of the most popular places for […]

Jan 07
Wakeboarding on Curacao

Wakeboarding on Curacao Wakeboarding is not hard to learn on Curacao. It will give you adrenaline for sure! In this video you see someone who had only a few days practice wakeboarding. Check what happens after 22 seconds! Also take a look at our Wakeboarding Page on CuracaoTodo for a complete list of all Wakeboard Companies, Activities and […]

Jan 07
This is Otrobanda in Willemstad

This is Otrobanda Otrobanda is one of the historically important quarters of Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao. Otrobanda litteraly translates into ‘the other side’, of Punda in this case. Unesco World Heritage It contains some UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The development of Otrobanda picked up in the early 19th century, when the once walled city of Punda became […]

Jan 07
Sea turtles on Curacao

Sea Turtles on Curacao There are many species of sea turtles in the waters around Curacao and Klein Curacao. It really is a special experience to be able to snorkel and swim with them. Ok, I will be honest.. this one was not filmed on Curacao but in the Indonesia waters. Still animals like this can definatily […]

Jan 05
KleinCuracao.Deals – CuracaoTodo sister website KleinCuracao.Deals – CuracaoTodo has a sister website In December 2016 CuracaoTodo has launched a website specially dedicated to Klein Curacao. Through KleinCuracao.Deals you will be able to book the best tickets to Klein Curacao with a discount! About Klein Curacao Do you want to break a nice day away from the crowds, then Klein Curacao is […]

Jan 03
Languages on Curacao

Languages on Curacao The Spoken Languages Curacao has three official languages; Dutch, Papiamentu and English. Although many people on Curacao will also speak and understand Spanish. This mix of languages is maybe logical to explain because most of Curacao’s tourists originate from the Eastern United States, South America and Holland. The most widely spoken language […]