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Jan 07
Shopping on Curacao

Shopping on Curacao In addition to the busy shopping streets of downtown Punda, Curacao also has a number of shopping centers. These are spread throughout the island and all offer quality products from different countries. It is not for nothing that Curacao became big due to the trade. The island’s largest shopping center has only […]

Jan 07
Snorkeling or Diving – Stay underwater for 10 minutes

Snorkeling or Diving – Stay underwater for 10 minutes This new invention is very cool but also confusing. Is it snorkeling or scuba diving when you are able to stay underwater for about 10 minutes? It will for sure be very cool to do this on Curacao. We want one! The Scorkl of Australian inventor […]

Jan 07
Learning Papiamento

Learning Papiamento The main reason to learn Papiamento is to make life easier on Curacao. By this we mean that speaking Papiamento is respectful to the people and you therefore often get things done faster. For daily dealings, arranging bureaucratic matters and order you in Dutch and English fine feet. On holiday? On holiday it’s fun to learn […]

Jan 07
Curacao National Anthem

Curacao National Anthem Translated Although Curacao is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands the island has the status of a Country. This is not the same for all other islands within the kingdom like for example Aruba. Therefore Curacao also has its own National Anthem. Of course this national anthem is sung in Papiamentu, the local […]

Jan 07
Isla Curacao

Isla Curacao De Isla is helaas het wat minder paradijselijke stukje van het eiland: de olieraffinaderij. Deze is midden jaren ’80 gebouwd door Shell en voor een symbolische gulden aan Curacao verkocht. Wanneer je over de grote Julianabrug rijdt, zie je aan de ene kant het pittoreske plaatje van de Annabaai, handelkade en pontjesbrug.  Aan de […]

Jan 07
Visit Willemstad Curacao Virtually

Visit Willemstad Curacao Virtually This drone footage was shot above Punda and Otrobanda. Get an impression of what to expect when visiting Curacao.

Jan 05
KleinCuracao.Deals – CuracaoTodo sister website KleinCuracao.Deals – CuracaoTodo has a sister website In December 2016 CuracaoTodo has launched a website specially dedicated to Klein Curacao. Through KleinCuracao.Deals you will be able to book the best tickets to Klein Curacao with a discount! About Klein Curacao Do you want to break a nice day away from the crowds, then Klein Curacao is […]

Jan 03
Languages on Curacao

Languages on Curacao The Spoken Languages Curacao has three official languages; Dutch, Papiamentu and English. Although many people on Curacao will also speak and understand Spanish. This mix of languages is maybe logical to explain because most of Curacao’s tourists originate from the Eastern United States, South America and Holland. The most widely spoken language […]