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Jan 07
Cheap airline tickets to curacao

Cheap airline tickets to Curacao Of course you want to book your ticket to Curacao as cheaply as possible. Fortunately, a plane ticket is nowadays much cheaper than about 10 years ago. The prices even fluctuate to such an extent that you can already stay on Curacao for € 650 incl. Accommodation. It clearly makes […]

Jan 07
Rental Cars on Curacao

Rent a car on Curacao Whether you are staying for a shorter or longer period, it is absolutely advisable to rent a car on Curacao. Those who depend on public transport or others will still be able to discover the island in a less extensive way. Certainly because public transport is so unpredictable. Renting a […]

Jan 07
Gouverneur de Rouville in Willemstad Curacao

With KLM or TUI to Curacao When you decide to explore the tropical pleasures of Curacao, you must also book. But which society do you take? Flying from Schiphol means with TUI (formerly ARKE) or KLM. The differences between KLM and TUI In any case, there is almost always a price difference on the same […]

Jan 07
Car Rental Agencies on Curacao

Car Rental Agencies on Curacao Curacao has many Carrental Agencies due to the huge amount of tourists visiting Curacao each week. Also you will need a rentalcar to see anything more than your resort, because public transportation and taxis are not recommendable. You can pick from smaller, bigger, really old cars for interns or brand new rental […]

Jan 07
This is Otrobanda in Willemstad

This is Otrobanda Otrobanda is one of the historically important quarters of Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao. Otrobanda litteraly translates into ‘the other side’, of Punda in this case. Unesco World Heritage It contains some UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The development of Otrobanda picked up in the early 19th century, when the once walled city of Punda became […]