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Jan 07
Curacao Beach Parties

Curacao Beach Parties On a tropical island the best parties are of course on the beach. Kick off your slippers and enjoy a barefoot cocktail while enjoying a beautiful sunset and the many bee faces around you. Zanzibar Beach On Saturday evening it’s Happy Hour at Zanzibar on Jan Thiel Beach. This is not just […]

Jan 07
Fuikdag Curacao

Fuikdag Curacao In addition to all international festivities, Curacao also has its own special parties to offer. So … Are you ready for …. Wait for it ….. Fuik is the day that everyone takes to the water completely. Every first Sunday of the year, the whole of Willemstad will be extinct for this huge […]

Jan 07
Special Holidays on Curacao

Special Holidays on Curacao We have plenty of parties on Curacao … But what are the official holidays now? It all starts on January 1 of course. And where should you be then? CuracaoTodo shows you the way! A Dutch tradition that has moved across the oceans to Curacao is the New Year’s Dive. Did […]

Jan 07
Top 10 Happy Hours Curacao

The top 10 Happy Hours of Curacao Every day there are dozens of Happy Hours on Curacao, but what are the nicest Happy Hours to go to? These Happy Hours are not only fun for the local people but also for tourists! While 1. Cafe de Tijd Thursday 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM On Thursdays […]