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Jan 07
Wilhelminaplein Willemstad Curacao

Het Wilhelminaplein in Curacao Wilhelminaplein is a pleasant square located in the middle of the Punda district. It is known for the pleasant terraces of Pleincafe Wilhelmina and Eetcafe de Buren, among others. The well-known large Dushi and Caracao letters are also on this square. The colorful letters are very popular among tourists to take […]

Jan 07
Pontjesbrug – Queen Emma Bridge

Queen Emma Bridge (Pontjesbrug) Between Punda and Otrabanda This is an impression from the Pontjesbrug (Koningin Emmabrug) in Willemstad Curacao

Jan 07
Pietermaai Curacao

Hotspot Pietermaai Curacao Anyone visiting Curacao, can not miss the bustling Pietermaai district. This historic Caribbean city district is emerging and seems to continue to grow for several years. Certainly in popularity! Restorations in Pietermaai Here you will find historical restored monuments and where free-thinking entrepreneurs have gratefully moved into a vibrant city area, to further […]

Jan 07

Curacao Curacao is one island being part of the Royal Dutch Kingdom. It is the most populated island and located just north of Venezuela. Relax or get busy Many tourists choose – and return to – Curacao for a well earned holiday retreat with its secure sunny weather. The good food, many optional activities offered and […]

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Jan 07
Crime on Curacao

Crime in Curacao It is fairly well known in the Netherlands that Curacao has it’s share of crime. In the media, unfortunately, it is often shown that the island would not be safe. In reality, what it comes down to is that Curacao, like other countries, simply has some rotten apples. Since it has only 150,000 inhabitants, the […]

Jan 07
Punda willemstad

Punda Willemstad Punda is of course known for the colorful trading quay everywhere on postcards. Few cameras from Curaçao tourists will be missing these colorful houses. However, in the center of Willemstad there is more than just the 8 monumental buildings that are so lush in the brochure. When you walk through the old city […]

Jan 07
Gouverneur de Rouville in Willemstad Curacao

Gouverneur de Rouville in Willemstad Curacao Check all Gouverneur Curacao company details here 

Jan 07
This is Otrobanda in Willemstad

This is Otrobanda Otrobanda is one of the historically important quarters of Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao. Otrobanda litteraly translates into ‘the other side’, of Punda in this case. Unesco World Heritage It contains some UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The development of Otrobanda picked up in the early 19th century, when the once walled city of Punda became […]

Jan 07
Visit Willemstad Curacao Virtually

Visit Willemstad Curacao Virtually This drone footage was shot above Punda and Otrobanda. Get an impression of what to expect when visiting Curacao.