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Rent a car on Curacao

Whether you are staying for a shorter or longer period, it is absolutely advisable to rent a car on Curacao. Those who depend on public transport or others will still be able to discover the island in a less extensive way. Certainly because public transport is so unpredictable.

Renting a car on Curacao is possible in many different price and luxury categories. The market is therefore divided among different subgroups.
For example, your companies mainly focus on renting out cars for trainees. These are often not that lush, but very solid and the price is affordable. For example, you see many students driving the island in colorfully painted cars.

Then there is the typical Curacao tourist car: Kia Picanto. These cars are spotted a lot and that is not surprising. Since they drive economically, do not take up much space, but are spacious.
Many landlords indicate in advance that the rental car needs extra security with a steering lock and like in all major cities in the world: take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to insure an “all risk” car on Curacao. Please note this when taking out and paying for such security.

Off Road cars

If you come with a whole family, or if you like broad and luxurious, then it is better to rent a Jeep or larger SUV on Curacao. These certainly also come in various prices. With these cars you can actually go “off road” and they are very suitable for driving through the hilly landscape of Banda Abou (West side).

Be aware that when you have an accident / collision with a (rental) car, you must remain at the accident site. This may mean, for example, that both cars remain in the middle of the road. After all, you have to wait until the Road Service (tel. Number +5999 199) has arrived. This takes the damage and statements from the victims.

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