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Scuba Diving on Curacao

Diving on Curacao

Of course Curacao is famous for its spectacular diving locations. Rated as best in the world it is hard not to be impressed by the coral reefs and tropical fish you will encounter under water. The island offers many dive schools which will teach you anything you need to know, whether you are a beginner aiming to get your PADI, or an experienced diver looking for a challenge.

Want to know more about PADI?

PADI was founded in 1966 and holds the title of most complete education system in the dive industry today. Present in more than 200 countries with over a 100.000 members, PADI is a very widely used concept. Before taking the plunge, it is necessary to prepare yourself well. To do so, you can enter one of the e-learning courses, available in over 20 languages.

The cost of a PADI course depends on the experience level. Visit the PADI dive school page to check the price range of the different schools. Also to find out more about PADI, this is a good page to start.

An Curacao underwater video impression

Curacao is as colourful underwater as it is on land. With over 84 dive sites extending from east to west, Curacao boasts pristine reefs and an overabundance of marine life. Many of these sites can be easily accessed from shore. Sites like Mushroom Forest, Shipwreck Point, Smokey, Playa Largu and Director’s Bay should be on your list. The Dolphin Encounter on Curacao is a must!

Watch this movie to get an idea about the beautiful underwater world of Curacao

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