Dive Deeper with Nitrox Tanks from Go West Diving in Curaçao


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Are you planning a diving adventure in Curaçao? Enhance your underwater experience by renting a Nitrox tank from Go West Diving. Located on the beautiful west coast of Curaçao, Go West Diving offers top-notch gear and services to ensure your diving experience is safe, fun, and unforgettable. This article will guide you through the benefits of using a Nitrox tank and how you can easily rent one from Go West Diving. Remember, for the most comprehensive information on diving and other activities in Curaçao, visit CuracaoTodo.com.

What is a Nitrox Tank?

A Nitrox tank contains a higher concentration of oxygen compared to regular air tanks, typically between 32% and 36% oxygen. This increased oxygen content reduces the amount of nitrogen a diver absorbs, which can help extend bottom times and reduce the risk of decompression sickness.

Benefits of Diving with Nitrox

  1. Extended Bottom Times: Nitrox allows for longer dive times, especially at depths between 18 and 30 meters (60-100 feet).
  2. Reduced Fatigue: Many divers report feeling less tired after diving with Nitrox compared to regular air.
  3. Increased Safety: Lower nitrogen absorption can reduce the risk of decompression sickness, making your dives safer.

Renting a Nitrox Tank from Go West Diving

Go West Diving offers a seamless process for renting Nitrox tanks. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a novice, you’ll find their services accommodating and efficient.

How to Rent a Nitrox Tank

  1. Advance Booking: To streamline your dive registration, you can inform Go West Diving of your rental needs in advance through their guest questionnaire.
  2. Check-in Process: If you prefer to arrange rentals upon arrival, the check-in process is quick and hassle-free.
  3. Equipment Availability: Go West Diving maintains a solid supply of Nitrox tanks, ensuring you have access to the gear you need for your dives.

Rental Rates and Additional Gear

  • One Nitrox Tank: $16.00
  • Weights: $5.00 per person per day (p.p.p.d.)

For a complete list of rental rates, you can visit their website or download their rates flyer as a PDF.

Plan Your Dive Adventure in June 2024

June is a fantastic time to dive in Curaçao. The warm waters and abundant marine life make for an unforgettable underwater experience. Be sure to check Go West Diving’s calendar and book your dive slots early to secure your spot.

Why Choose Go West Diving?

Go West Diving is renowned for its excellent customer service and high-quality gear. Their experienced staff ensures that you have a safe and enjoyable diving experience. Plus, their location on the west coast offers access to some of the best dive sites in Curaçao, including Mushroom Forest and Watamula.

Discover More on CuracaoTodo.com

For more information on diving in Curaçao and other exciting activities, visit CuracaoTodo.com. CuracaoTodo is your go-to resource for the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on everything the island has to offer. From diving and snorkeling to dining and cultural experiences, you’ll find everything you need to plan the perfect trip.

Dive deeper into the wonders of Curaçao with Go West Diving and make your underwater adventures even more memorable with Nitrox tanks. Happy diving!

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Dive Deeper with Nitrox Tanks from Go West Diving in Curaçao
Dive Deeper with Nitrox Tanks from Go West Diving in Curaçao



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