Dolphin Assistant Trainer Program: A Unique Experience for Kids in Curaça

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Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime for your young marine enthusiasts! Curaç is your ultimate source for information about the Dolphin Assistant Trainer Program at the Dolphin Academy in Curaçao. Specifically designed for children aged 9 to 14, this program offers an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the world of dolphins, learning about their biology, behavior, and training techniques.

What is the Dolphin Assistant Trainer Program?

An Immersive Learning Experience

The Dolphin Assistant Trainer Program is the most comprehensive and interactive educational initiative offered at the Dolphin Academy. Over the course of the program, children will engage in classroom lectures, fun games, and daily hands-on dolphin water sessions. This unique setup allows them to work side-by-side with professional dolphin trainers, gaining firsthand experience in what it takes to care for and train these magnificent creatures.

Age-Appropriate and Educational

Designed specifically for kids aged 9 to 14, the program strikes a perfect balance between fun and education. Each day, participants will learn something new about dolphin biology and behavior. The combination of interactive lectures, engaging activities, and practical training sessions ensures that children are not only entertained but also educated in marine science and animal care.

Highlights of the Dolphin Assistant Trainer Program

Daily Dolphin Water Sessions

One of the most exciting aspects of the program is the daily dolphin water sessions. Children will have the opportunity to interact directly with dolphins, observing their behaviors up close and learning how trainers communicate with and care for these intelligent animals. This hands-on experience is both thrilling and educational, leaving lasting memories.

Classroom Lectures and Games

In addition to the practical sessions, the program includes classroom lectures where children can deepen their understanding of marine biology. These lectures are designed to be engaging and age-appropriate, often incorporating games and activities to make learning fun. Topics covered include dolphin anatomy, social structures, and conservation efforts.

Real Training Demonstrations

Participants will also get to be part of real training demonstrations, seeing firsthand how professional trainers work with dolphins to teach them various behaviors and routines. This behind-the-scenes look is both inspiring and informative, providing a unique glimpse into the daily life of a dolphin trainer.

Why Choose the Dolphin Assistant Trainer Program?

Fun and Educational

This program offers a perfect blend of fun and education, ensuring that children not only have an unforgettable experience but also gain valuable knowledge. The combination of interactive activities, hands-on training, and informative lectures makes it an ideal choice for young marine enthusiasts.

Professional Guidance

Children will be guided by experienced dolphin trainers who are passionate about marine life and education. Their expertise ensures a safe and enriching environment for all participants.

A Unique Opportunity

The Dolphin Assistant Trainer Program is a unique opportunity that is not available everywhere. It provides children with a rare chance to interact closely with dolphins and learn about marine biology in a practical, engaging way.

Plan Your Visit

To learn more about the Dolphin Assistant Trainer Program and to book your child’s spot, visit Curaç As the premier source of information for tourists on the island of Curaçao, Curaç offers comprehensive details about this and many other exciting activities. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience for your child!


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By choosing the Dolphin Assistant Trainer Program, you are giving your child a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and create unforgettable memories. Visit Curaç today to find out more and to plan your adventure in Curaçao!

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Dolphin Assistant Trainer Program: A Unique Experience for Kids in Curaça
Dolphin Assistant Trainer Program: A Unique Experience for Kids in Curaça

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