Experience the Thrill of a Night Boat Dive with Ocean Encounters in Curaçao


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Night diving is a truly unique experience that transforms your perception of the underwater world. When the sun sets, a whole new cast of marine life comes out to play. Join Ocean Encounters for an unforgettable night boat dive in Curaçao, where the coral reefs and marine creatures reveal their nocturnal secrets. This adventure is perfect for divers looking to add an exciting twist to their holiday.

Why Choose a Night Boat Dive?

A New Perspective on Coral Reefs

At night, the coral reefs of Curaçao look entirely different. The vibrant colors and intricate structures of the corals are illuminated under your dive light, offering a mesmerizing view that you can’t experience during the day. If you opt for the Fluorescent Night Diving experience, you’ll witness the corals glowing in extraordinary colors, adding a surreal touch to your dive.

Encounter Nocturnal Marine Life

Some of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures only emerge at night. As you dive, you’ll spot nocturnal fish, crustaceans, and other marine animals that hide away during the day. Your dive master will guide you through these underwater encounters, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of the nocturnal ecosystem.

Dive Details and Schedule

Weekly Night Dives

The night dive boat trip to the Tugboat, a popular dive site in Curaçao, departs every Wednesday at 6:30 PM and returns around 8:30 PM. The dive lasts for about 2.5 hours, giving you ample time to explore the underwater world. Make sure you arrive at the dock 15 minutes before departure at either LionsDive Beach Resort or Sunscape Curaçao Resort.

Requirements and Preparation

This dive is available for certified divers of all experience levels. Whether you hold a PADI or SSI license, you are welcome to join. The dive master will brief you on special night diving procedures, including dive signals using your dive light. Proper training, such as the PADI Night Diver Specialty course, is recommended to enhance your night diving skills.

What’s Included

  • Weights and One Tank: Both DIN and yoke connections are available, so you’re covered regardless of your gear setup.
  • Resort Transit: Complimentary transportation from LionsDive and Sunscape Resorts.
  • Rental Dive Light: Available for $15.
  • Professional Photos or Videos: Capture your night dive experience with professional photography or videography, starting from $20.

Book Your Night Dive

Ready to embark on this thrilling adventure? Book your night boat dive with Ocean Encounters and explore Curaçao’s underwater world like never before. For more information and to secure your spot, visit CuracaoTodo.com – your ultimate guide for the best activities and attractions on the island.

FAQs About Night Diving in Curaçao

Do I Need a Night Dive Certification?

While you don’t need a specific night dive certification, proper training can make your first night dive more enjoyable. The PADI Night Diver Specialty course is a great way to learn how to navigate in the dark, locate interesting creatures, and gain useful night diving tips.

Can Open Water Divers Participate?

Yes, Open Water Divers can participate in night dives. However, having the right training will significantly enhance your experience, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident underwater at night.

Is the Dive Light Included?

The dive light is not included in the base price but can be rented for an additional $15.

What Makes Night Diving Different?

Night diving offers a completely different experience compared to daytime dives. The behavior of marine life changes, with day creatures retiring and nocturnal organisms emerging, creating a dynamic and captivating underwater environment.

Dive into the night with Ocean Encounters and discover the enchanting world beneath the waves in Curaçao. Visit CuracaoTodo.com for more details and to plan your perfect diving adventure!

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Experience the Thrill of a Night Boat Dive with Ocean Encounters in Curaçao
Experience the Thrill of a Night Boat Dive with Ocean Encounters in Curaçao



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