Playa Largu

Playa Largu

Find a place where you can easily enter the water. There is one close to the East end of the beach. Such places are easy to spot because the water is clear and therefore you can clearly see if there is coral close to the beach, which could hinder your access to the water. The coral here comes close to the coast. You can go left or right here, depending on the current. Usually there is hardly any current here. The blue border (drop-off) is close to the coast, so you don’t have to swim very far. And, although the next dive site, Playa Shon Moza, is just around the corner, the reef slope is steeper here than there. The slope here is around 45 degrees. The coral density is not that high, but it is more than 50%. There are patches of sand between the coral and as you go down it gets more and more sandy. Above 10 meters it also seems like you are swimming above an underwater beach. The sand you would expect on the beach is here. There is a wide variety of sponges. Elephant Ear Sponges, Large Touch-me-Not Sponges, Tube and Stove-pipe Sponges, Barrel and Vase Sponges and various types of Encrusting Sponges and Large Rope Sponges. So, if you like sponges this is definitely a place to dive. On the top of the reef there are large numbers of soft corals. All in all, a very nice dive site. Quiet and perhaps because of that still very pristine.

The location of Playa Largu

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