Playa Pos Spano

Boca Pos Spaño is located on the private property of San Nicolas Abou. There are several dive sites on this property. The property is closed with a barrier, so you must make sure you have the key before you can dive here. Call in advance (0059996999104) to make an appointment to pick up the key. Consider making two dives at this property once you have the key. Boca Pos Spaño is the dive site, which is the easternmost on this property. Pos Spaño means Spanish spring; apparently there is or was a freshwater spring here. Perhaps this is what you still see on the eastern side of this beach. There is a small pond there with algae in it. The pond seems to have no connection to the sea, because the beach is between them. It also looks like fresh water. The beach is wide, but covered with coral rock. From the beach you enter the water, looking for a place where there is not too much coral close to the shore. If the sea is a bit rough, it can be difficult to enter and exit the water, because of the (dead) coral close to the shore. So be careful.

The location of Playa Pos Spano

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Wednesday 9:00 AM - 21:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM - 21:00 PM
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