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Curacao Beaches

Curacao is famous for its beautiful white sanded beaches. In most holiday guides images from the beaches Lagun and Grote Knip are showed to give an impression what to expect. But where exactly are the beaches located and which facilities do they offer?

Beaches Banda Ariba

These are the beaches which are located on the east of the island. Or, as many would explain it, on the ‘Punda side of the big bridge’. Most famous are Jan Thiel Beach and Sea Aquarium Beach. Most of these beaches are dedicated to tourists and are equiped with beds, parasols, toilet facilities a bar and many times even some shopping facilities. You generally will have to pay a fee for entering these beaches and use the facilities.

On the Banda Ariba beaches you will find many independent beachclubs. On Jan Thiel Beach for example you will find:

On Sea Aquarium Beach the following beachbars and beachclubs can be found:

Beaches Banda Abou

These beaches, located on the west of the Willemstad, offer a real tropical bounty island kind of experience. That is why these beaches are also used for many promotions and postcards. Banda Abou has many larger and smaller bays and is ideal for snorkeling, diving or just sunbathing under a palmtree.

The beaches on this side of the island are devided in public and private beaches. Are you looking for luxury? Than be sure to visit the beaches of Blue Bay Beach Resort, the secluded Kokomo beach (Vaersenbaai) or Playa Porto Mari. These beaches offer many facilities and will make you smile because of the true tropical blue water colors.

As mentioned before the west side of Curacao has many sandy beaches to offer. Most famous, or most photographed, are the beaches Grote Knip and Playa Lagun. Both are located on Curacao’s most west shore and are usually included in the common daytrip to Westpoint. Close to Lagun you will also find Playa Jeremi, which is a popular beach for locals to have barbecues with their whole family.

Besides these famous beaches you will also encounter beautiful beaches like Kleine Knip, Daaibooi and Santa Cruz. Perfect locations if you are looking for beaches where you can bring your own coolbox and lay down in some shade offered by palapas and palmtrees.

Playa Forti is also a famous beach location where you can visit the restaurant, relax is the shade or jump of the 10 meter high rock wall into the blue sea. Also close by a perfect dive location is located, Playa Kalki.

And than there is the option to visit secluded beaches which are not really reachable by car or foot. For example Captain Goodlife can take you there with his little boat, departing from Santa Cruz. Examples are Boka Santa Pretu and Playa Hulu (also known as Lovers Beach).

On a small bumby road close to the Landhouse you will find San Juan. 3 beaches are located here: Playa Largu, Playa Manzalina and Playa Shon Mosa. Actually there are four beaches but one is not showed on maps. A bit more to the east more great beaches for sunbathing and diving are located like Boca Sami and Playa Piskado.

As you probably expected.. Curacao offers enough beautiful beaches for many days of fun!

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