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KleinCuracao.Deals – CuracaoTodo sister website

KleinCuracao.Deals – CuracaoTodo has a sister website

In December 2016 CuracaoTodo has launched a website specially dedicated to Klein Curacao. Through KleinCuracao.Deals you will be able to book the best tickets to Klein Curacao with a discount!

About Klein Curacao

Do you want to break a nice day away from the crowds, then Klein Curacao is the perfect place to unwind.

Klein Curacao is a beautiful uninhabited island off the coast of Curacao. It is located about 10 kilometers southeast of Curacao. The small island is of about three square kilometers in size and is known for its beautiful white beach and azure waters. Klein Curacao is the perfect place for snorkeling and diving among beautiful coral, fish and turtles.

On the island is an old lighthouse which was built in 1877. It is possible to visit the lighthouse, both inside and outside. Although it is advised to be careful because the lighthouse is in poor condition.

In recent years several ships have stranded on the island. On the east side of the island you will find a wreck of an ancient tanker that ran aground in 1982. The tanker is in poor condition but very impressive and worth to take a look at.

Do you want to Klein Curacao yourself? You can! There are several organizations that organize daily boat trips. For our selection please visit the CuracaoTodo sister website KleinCuracao.Deals

Or watch the Klein Curacao video below to get a better impression what to expect!

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