Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We have created this Privacy Policy to make you understand how and why we collect your personal information. What we will and will not use it for and how we safeguard your personal details. We use your personal information to create the best user experience for you. When you register on we will need some personal information like your name and e-mail address for buying a particular service on our website.

Your password

Your password is created by typing a password you choose for yourself. The password is saved on our servers in an encrypted manner. Our team is not able to read, view or edit your password. When you have forgotten your password, you will be able to create a new one by clicking a link in the e-mail we provide or on the website in the login department. This new password again, is saved safely encrypted. We will not sell any of your personal details to third parties Many companies make it their business model to sell or acquire personal details from groups of consumers for marketing purposes.

Rest assured, CuracaoTodo will not sell your personal details to external parties for any reason. Your personal information consists of all details you provide us on our website, social media channels, via e-mail and through our partners.


Cookies are used to give you the best possible experience on our platform(s). For example by saving your preferences, to learn how you use our website and to offer you information personalized to your interests. Click any link on our website to confirm you agree with placing and using cookies.

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